Personalized Door Mats

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Clients and visitors walk into a business or home expecting to see a dull door mat. You can surprise your guests with a personalized door mat to promote your business or to welcome guests into your home. The door mat can highlight a specific product or logo to create interest in your business. A home mat can brighten up the entry way into the home.

Custom Door Mats

Personalized door mats are made from quality materials that can endure the elements such as snow, hail, rain or mud. The mats are made with tough fibers and a rubber backing to make them more durable. To make them more appealing in appearance, the edges are covered in colors of your choice. This binding increases the durability of the mats, and the rubber backing is included on each mat to prevent slippage when someone steps on the mat. In addition, the rubber backing helps the mat remain in good shape for a longer amount of time. The tough fibers help the door mat maintain its beautiful design, and the fibers make it easier to clean. A simple solution of laundry detergent mixed with water can keep the mat clean.

Designs in Personalized Rugs or Mats

  • Rugs or mats may be complex designs or simple designs.
  • Colorful designs can be included in a personalized rug.
  • Door mat designs can include information to advertise an event.
  • Logo rugs are often made with a special designed logo and a message.
  • Custom rugs can include a business insignia, a name and a motto.
  • Rugs or mats can be created for home use with family shield designs, favorite hobbies, school colors or sport teams.
  • Personalized entry mats may be used to celebrate special events in your life. For instance, mats can be displayed to greet visitors to celebrate graduations or the birth of a baby.
  • Inscribed mats are sometimes designed to inform someone of a special announcement such as a marriage proposal.

No matter what the need is, a beautiful, exciting mat or rug can be designed and created to add interest to your door entrance. Just choose a reason for creating a unique designed mat to display at a door. Visitors will be excited and happy to enter your home or business when a personalized and creatively designed mat is greeting them at the door entrance.

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